BD PhaSeal

Medisource is the official distributor for the BD PhaSeal system in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

The BD PhaSeal Concept

The BD PhaSeal closed-system drug transfer device builds on two unique features: its Double Membrane technology, which creates a dry, leakproof connection, and its airtight Expansion Chamber, which contains all aerosols, particles and vapors as well as equalizes the pressure in the vial.

With a limited number of components and only one connection interface, the BD PhaSeal system dimensions are created to ISO standards to be compatible with all standard size drug vials and tubing.

BD PhaSeal System Advantages:

  • BD PhaSeal has more clinical studies published than any other closed-system drug transfer device. Its airtight, leakproof performance is proven by more than 20 independent, peer-reviewed, published studies
  • BD PhaSeal meets the NIOSH airtight and leakproof definition of a closed-system drug transfer device
  • Airtight Expansion Chamber captures aerosols and vapors
  • Double Membrane provides dry, leakproof connections
  • Universally compatible with all brands of infusion sets and standard size drug vials
  • Customized clinical training and ongoing support
  • BPA free and latex free/non-DEHP
  • The BD PhaSeal System is closed from preparation and administration to waste disposal.