Health Professional Supplies


Medisource can source products that are currently not available through regular pharmaceutical distribution channels. These items can range from medicines that are temporarily in short supply, or are pre-license products that have not yet been launched in your country or products that have previously been available but have now been discontinued.

According to the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki, physicians have a right to choose a suitable type of therapy and a duty to provide the best possible care for their patients. Sometimes this may involve choosing an unlicensed medication.

Medisource can source and supply such medications, either directly to a registered doctor or dentist, or to a pharmacy.

Customised Pharmaceutical Supplies

In certain situations Medisource can facilitate supply of alternative pack sizes, concentrations, or presentations of a medicine. For example we can provide a suspension formulation of a product that is normally only available as a tablet – this can be of great benefit in paediatric or geriatric patients with difficulty swallowing.


Please click here to download the Medisource Doctor/Dentist form (PDF 204k).