Hospital Pharmaceutical Supplies

Some of the areas where Medisource can assist hospital pharmacists include;

Discontinued Drugs

  • For any drug that has become discontinued, Medisource an rapidly source alternatives
  • Medisource hold stock of product lines for which there is a frequent demand, and can obtain thousands of others at short notice.

Medical Shorts

  • When an item is not available from its regular source Medisource can facilitate the supply of the required product.

Customised Pharmaceutical Supplies

  • Medisource can facilitate supply of alternative pack sizes, concentrations, or presentations of a medicine. For example, we can provide a suspension formulation of a product that is normally only available as a tablet – this can be of great benefit in paediatric or geriatric patients with difficulty swallowing.


  • Medisource can supply products that are not yet available on the local market.


Please click here to download the Medisource enquiry form (PDF 204k).