Information for International Pharma Companies

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There is an exemption within EU legislation that permits the supply of unlicensed medicines under specific circumstances. Such medicines have also been called Named Patient medicines, Unlicensed medicines, Unauthorised medicines, Specials, Pre-Approval, Off-Protocol or Off-Label medicines.  Exempt Medicinal Product is the most accurate and up to date terminology for the majority of these medicines.




  • Medisource are specialists in providing exempt medicines onto European markets.
  • Medisource are fully GDP compliant
  • Medisource sell FDA approved products onto European markets within the restrictive legislative framework.
  • Medisource supply the EU market with your product without any overlabelling or administrative input from your company.
  • Provide valuable marketing and safety information during the supply of your product on an exempt medicine basis.  This information can assist in decision making in relation to European licensing strategy.