Pharmaceutical Supplies Partnerships


Medisource works in liaison with Pharmaceutical Companies

Medisource does not parallel import products but instead works with Pharmaceutical companies to provide a win:win solution for company, patient and healthcare professional.

Areas where Medisource can assist Pharma companies include the following;

New product Pre-Launch demand

Global new product introductions can cause difficulty for an individual multinational subsidiary where their company’s new treatment is available in other countries. Demand for such product can be managed by Medisource until such time as the product has a license in the specific market. Medisource can then provide valuable information on the supply of such products to the company’s marketing team at time of product launch. There may be many local specialists demanding access to such novel products ahead of their local license and availability.

Discontinued Drugs

A product may be discontinued for many reasons including commercial. Such discontinuations can be the cause of much malaise in patients who have been stabilised on these products, often for very many years. Medisource can source the same product on a market where the manufacturer still makes it available. The local subsidiary may not be able to support such unlicensed supply for a variety of reasons and this can be managed by Medisource.

A planned discontinuation strategy with Medisource can ensure that companies avoid financial penalties for failure to supply required medicines.

Medical Shorts

Out of stock situations with products not only impacts on a company’s immediate revenues and reputation but can also have significant impact on patients and the health care team managing such patients.

In these situations Medisource can source the same product from another international market, or a requested alternative to relieve the adverse impact potential on all concerned.

International Pharmaceutical Distribution and Marketing

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