Medisource Product Partner®



New global product introductions can cause difficulty for an individual multinational subsidiary, e.g. many specialists requesting access ahead of local product license and availability. Not having availability of product can mean losing out on initial opinion leader interest, or creating negative sentiment.

Medisource Product Partner® can help by:

  • Managing demand until the product has a local license.
  • Sharing valuable real-time marketing and safety information at product launch.
  • Enabling pre-license use by early adopters that can springboard the official product launch.


An out of stock situation not only impacts on the company’s immediate revenues and reputation but can also have significant impact on patients and their healthcare team. It can break the sales momentum of a new product at a critical time. The appropriate authorities must be notified of stock-outs, creating a large administrative burden to ensure compliance with legislation, industry/HSE agreements and regulatory guidelines.

Medisource Product Partner® can help by:

  • Working with companies to maintain an unbroken supply of product.
  • Sourcing the same product from another market to relieve the adverse impact potential on all concerned.
  • Guiding companies on administrative requirements relating to stock shortages.


Forecasting stock levels required to meet projected demand can be a tricky business. Out of stock issues can stunt the growth potential of a rising star. At the other end of the spectrum stock outs can accelerate the decline of an older product. The batch expiry details of a slowing older product can often be overlooked when forecasting and so present an unwanted surprise when the expiry date is reached.

Medisource Product Partner® can help by:

  • Sourcing replacement unlicensed medicines should a stock-out situation occur.
  • Repackaging product from another market to comply with local requirements.


Discontinued drugs can cause much strife for pharmaceutical companies and have the potential for negative public relations, where patients and health professionals are affected by the sudden removal of a product from the market.  As in stock-out situations, there is an obligation to ensure compliance with legislation and HPRA guidelines.

Medisource Product Partner® can help by:

  • Contributing to a planned discontinuation strategy.
  • Sourcing the same product on a market where it is available.
  • Maintaining a supply of product or therapeutic alternative.
  • Providing your customer service team with a solution to product requests post-discontinuation.
  • Offering pharmacists and patients alternative supply options – medical shorts.